My own writings and interesting links.

My own scribblings.

Differential Consumption of Pig vs. Sheep/Goats at the Old Kingdom Site of Kom el-Hisn.

Paper presented at the 53rd Annual Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt, Baltimore, Maryland.

Dissertation (Complete)

Summary of 1994 Fayum Project


General archaeological/Egyptological links.

The American Research Center in Egypt, Northwest Chapter (ARCE/NW)

ETANA: Electronic TOols and Ancient Near Eastern Archives 

Contains electronic documents of interest to NEar Eastern scholars. Mostly older out-of-print titles.

Digital Egypt for Universities 

A learning and teaching resource for higher education Developed by The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, University College London and The Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London Funded by The Joint Information Systems Committee under the The Distributed National Electronic Resource Scheme. (Excellent source of information) . 

How to be an Egyptologist FAQ.

FAQ published by Cambridge University.. 

U. Washington Anthropology Dept.



ArchNet serves as the World Wide Web Virtual Library for Archaeology. Good starting point for general archaeology.. 

Archaeology MiningCo Page.

Lots of annotated links, especially useful for the beginner.. 

U. of Cambridge's Egyptology Resources page.

Large repository of Egyptological information. Also see Greg Reeder's Egypt page for a long list of other Egyptological WWW sites.. 

ABZU at U. Chicago

"Guide to resources for the study of the ancient Near East available on the internet". 


The American Research Center in Egypt. . 

The Talk.Origins Archive

FAQ's, links, and assorted articles and essays having to do with evolutionary theory and the creationist controversy. Good starting point for evolutionary researches.. 

Systematics in Prehistory

By Robert C. Dunnell, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington.

Excellent work on the theory and method of organizing units for archaeological purposes. 

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