Anthony J. Cagle, Ph.D.

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Professional Objective:

Data/Systems Analyst.

Recent Employment Experience:

Information Systems Professional III 1990 - Present
Emergency Medical Services, Center for the Evaulation of Emergency Medical Services (CEEMS) group, Public Health: Seattle and King County, Seattle WA

Duties: Data manager for research-oriented projects: Design and maintain new and existing Microsoft Access/SQL Server databases for research and/or QA purposes, clean and maintain accuracy of data, perform statistical analyses for tracking and publication of research (SPSS), write research articles for submission to peer-reviewed journals, assist in preparation of grant proposals.

Data Analyst II 1990 - 2000
Public Health: Seattle and King County, Seattle WA

Duties: Extract and download data residing on a mainframe to PC; generate ad hoc reports and data sets using SAS and various DBMS's.

Consultant March 1990 - October 1990
University of Washington Seattle WA

Duties: Consulted on UW mainframes (Vax/VMS, Unix) and statistical packages (SAS, SPSS).


Ph.D. -- Archaeology, June 2001
University of Washington, Seattle WA

Master of Arts -- Archaeology, June 1991
University of Washington, Seattle WA

Bachelor of Science -- Anthropology, June 1985
University of Wisconsin, Madison WI

Relevant Skills

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